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Manufacturer in Prefabricated pipes for sprinkler systems, tanks and other sheet metal products.


Engineered Fire Piping born in January 2011, the result of a business initiative formed by a team of experts and with great proven experience in the sector of the pipeline fire.

e-Fire Piping has become a reference as a supplier of prefabricated pipe for automatic sprinkler systems worldwide, being present in over 20 countries.

The industry leadership assures us innovative production processes developed by e-Fire Piping and a policy of reinvestment in R & D + INNOVATION, continuous progress in the development of products, processes and quality.

Currently we have the most productive and innovative technology.

qualified team

We own entrepreneurial nature, which leads us to be continually working on improving and optimizing all our processes to always be the best and meet all the demands and expectations of our customers.


We offer customized solutions with highly competitive products and excellent value.


We offer high quality products and efficient service levels with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, involving ourselves in projects and seeking answers to their needs.


This provision involves receiving the full supply of a work, facilitating the logistics work to our customers.

The I.S.W may cover many products as our customers want and may be delivered along with the pipe with a preset program delivery and with warranty and service e-Fire Piping.

The products distributed by e-Fire Piping have the necessary approvals UL, FM, ON, LPC and / or VDS, for use in the most demanding Fire Protection systems.

Five Business Lines

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