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Advantages Tube prefabricated by Engineered Fire Piping

Manufacture of tubes of up to 9.0 m in length, Engineered Fire piping is the first workshop in the world that has a robotic cell capable of producing lengths of pipe for automatic sprinkler systems up to 9.0 m in length. Furthermore, it said orbital welding is also approved FM.

Production capacity: we have 3 fully automatic robotic cells, capable of manufacturing pipe over 10.000 sprinklers/day and to paint over 30,000 m per day. In addition, one of the robotic cells can manufacture Manifols up to 14 “.

Having no limitation manufacturing standard pipe lengths of 6.0 m, when the spacing between sprinklers is different 3.0m, cells robotized e-Fire Piping allow drastically reduce the number of different tubes in a prefab. This advantage allows a notable reduction in assembly costs and the number of seals of binding. Looking to make symmetrical tubes, mounting position.

Automated manufacturing to pipe 14 “sleeves up to 8″.

The manufactured tubes included in the identification label, in addition to quality data, all the data necessary to make assembly easier, such as identifying the type of tube No. flat mounting the corresponding tube, text identification mounting area, etc. Guarantee traceability and supply conformity with the labeling system and reading.

The painting process ensures maximum paint adhesion and corrosion resistance increased. Depending on where it will be installed piping can adapt to a paint or other processes

Technical Office Engineered Fire Piping, is composed of a team of engineers with extensive experience in close collaboration with the customer will advise and help you find the best and most optimal technical solutions, customizing each project, making the assembly drawings and isometric (sheets workshop).

The product is ready for assembly on site, quickly, clean and safe. Limitation welding work regulated by EN 12845, paragraph 17.1.3 and NFPA 13 punto; and environmental limitations of painting in the work. Avoid welding and painting in the work.

Packaging which prevents hitting transport and facilitates quick identification.

Different finishes

Different types of sleeves


Curved pipe

Candles reduced extrusion

Manifolds and reels

Eccentric reductions