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Family of B.I.E.S (Equipped Fire Hydrants):

  • Designed for residential and industrial areas
  • Direct feed connection through the shaft
  • Brass rotary device with double O-ring that ensures tightness
  • 20 – 30 meter semi-rigid, 25 mm diameter polyester jacket hose
  • Fully adjustable nozzle (fog/straight/stream)
  • ABS resin body and 10 mm nominal diameter
  • Brass globe valve 1” lever operated
  • Pressure Gauge 0 – 20 Bar
  • Easy-fit system
  • CE certified according with UNE-EN 671-1 Standard
Bies 1 Bies 2

Hose Reel without cabinet to be fixed on the wall for multi-funtional cabinets or niches. It includes the DEV equipped with semi-rigid hose of 25 mm, valve, lance, guiding mechanism, manometer and easy-fit system

Bie Armario1 Bie Armario2

Full Hose Reel into an opening door cabinet and ready to be wall-mounted. Steel Cabinet is made of 0.8 mm galvanized steel sheet, with high corrosion resistance. Concealed door hinges in sheet metal (painted, thickness= 1 mm), with solid door or window glass. Aluminium lock recessed with folding handle and it is easily operated by turning thte folding handle


Bie Armario3 Bie Armario4

Fire extinguisher cabinets to be mounted with the BIES (both preformed cabinet and panelable cabinet), creating an integrated fire extinguishing assembly by manual means. The cabinet is made of painted 0.8 mm steel sheet. The door, with hidden hinges, is made of painted 1.0 mm steel sheet, with aluminum door recessed closure, and is easily operated by turning the handle.


Arc´s Portico for Hose Reel in Cabinet for open areas.

Arc galvanized or painted steel tube with water inlet internal to the reel, easy to fix it to the ground.

Designed structure with bending pipe, galvanize or paint finished for an elegant design.

Rectangular Column Support for hose reel (without cabinet) to fix it to the ground, for open areas or places
can´t be wall-mounted.

Column is firmly fixed to ground by the bassement and water inlet inside the column.

Accesorio Bies 3 Accesorio Bies 4

Slotted control post to be installed interleaved in the supply line of a BIES network.


  • Water pressure indication in the network and with standard manometer
  • Quick drainage of the pipe network
  • Flow control for alarm activation of some BIES connected to the pipe