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Manufacturer in Prefabricated pipes for sprinkler systems, tanks and other sheet metal products.

About us

Engineered Fire Piping was born on July 2011. The Company was founded by an experienced team who share a vision of providing high quality fire sprinklers pipe fabrication services.

We are in Yuncos (Toledo) in a well communicated Industrial Area, 44 km far from Madrid. Our Facilities include more than 15.000 m2 of fabricating and coating processes area, and over 30.000 m2 of indoor and outdoor logistic and stockage areas.

Our pipe production lines include 6 Robotic Cells able to daily reach the fabrication of the fire protection pipes required for the installation of up to 12000 sprinklers heads. The fabrication process area also includes an Automatized Coating Line having a daily production of over 30.000 m of coated pipes. 

e-Fire Piping offers complete turnkey fabrication services and has become a market benchmark as worldwide supplier of fabricated pipe for automatic sprinkler systems, being present in over 30 countries. 

We continuously grow by adding not only new geographic areas to our market but some new high-quality products to our portfolio, including the market recognized water tanks and both, pillar and underground, wet and dry fire hydrants

The National and Abroad increasing invoicing and expansion, together with the EFP Management commitment allows a continuous investment on both material quality assets and high skilled and profesional team, generating a constant improvement on: Fabrication processes, High Quality End Products, Competitive Market Prices, and to face to a wide range of Projects.

This progressive and adjusted growing would not be possible without the by EFP developed “state of the art” fabrication processes, nor to a powerful reinvestment politics  on I&D&I, Quality and Fabrication Control Processes. 

Engineered Fire Piping fully integrated Quality Management System covering all the fabrication areas shows the Company Philosophy; A high quality level customer service.

All the EFP Departments common goal is: Keep the Customer Satisfie

qualified team

We own entrepreneurial nature, which leads us to be continually working on improving and optimizing all our processes to always be the best and meet all the demands and expectations of our customers.


We offer customized solutions with highly competitive products and excellent value.


We offer high quality products and efficient service levels with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, involving ourselves in projects and seeking answers to their needs.



This provision involves receiving the full supply of a work, facilitating the logistics work to our customers.

The I.S.W may cover many products as our customers want and may be delivered along with the pipe with a preset program delivery and with warranty and service e-Fire Piping.

The products distributed by e-Fire Piping have the necessary approvals UL, FM, ON, LPC and / or VDS, for use in the most demanding Fire Protection systems.

Five Business Lines