Phases of the process

In this procedure we will try to list the specific characteristics that a polyurethane resin has and why it is ideal for coating and recovering the interior concrete floors of PCI water tanks.

Polyurethane is found in many areas of our daily lives. Its applications are very diverse. Apart from being more flexible than other similar agents, it stands out for its resistance to the impact of chemical solvents, which allows it to be used in a wide variety of production processes.

Polyurethane resins are an industrial product, often used in the manufacture of inks, mould making, plastics and adhesive materials. These resins are malleable, their hardness and elasticity properties can be altered, and once they have settled into their final form, they do not return to their original shape.

Polyurethane resins are notable for their durability and resistance to oils and greases, as well as excellent abrasion and tensile strength. They can bind structures together, forming impact-resistant adhesive bonds that solidify quickly and can adhere to a variety of surfaces, including concrete.