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Engineered Fire Piping has the most modern and innovative technology and production facilities prefabricated piping for sprinkler systems.

eFP has a new and unique fully automated robotic system for manufacturing prefabricated pipe line where diversification of the different materials of the process, does not hinder obtaining excellent results on productivity.

Our paint line

It allows to obtain high quality results in a wide range of pipe diameters and colors, with a large production capacity. The versatility of the line and the same tooling facilitates to change colors and executes the painting operation even with complicated mixtures of different diameters and thicknesses.

RAL Table
Carta RAL

Processes of painting line:

  1. Shoot Blasting line.The first treatment that the tubes are made in our factory is metal surface cleaning by shoot blasting, to achieve at least SA 2 ½ according GRADE EN ISO 8501-1, and a roughness degree of nodular THICK according to standard EN ISO 8503-1. A lifting system guarantees vibration and emptying of the shot within the tube.
  2. Degreasing and phosphating tunnel: washing inside and outside the pipe, degreasing and application of amorphous phosphate, which prevents oxidation and corrosion. Blowing drops and stoving 180º.
  3. Cabin for antioxidant primer or finishing, liquid application.
  4. Powder paint booth, with electrostatic application and quick color change.
  5. Two ovens: the first for the post-degreasing-phosphating and the second for the polymer powder paint drying.
Linea pintura 1
Shoot Blasting Line
linea pintura 2
Degreasing and phosphating tunnel
linea pintura 3
Cabin for antioxidant primer
linea pintura 4
Powder paint booth
linea pintura 5
Two ovens

6 Completely Robotic manufacturing cells, which can work tubes DN25 to DN200.

Prefabricated long maxima are:

  • 6.00 m for diameter DN25.
  • 9.00 m, for DN32 to DN80.
  • 7.50 m, for DN100 to DN200.

A semi-automatic robotic cell, allows prefabrication large diameter pipes can reach up to 14 “in complex configurations.

Lines automatic grooving, and various machinery manual or semiautomatic use, complete our range of machinery to cover a wide range of customer demand.

The rapid response and agility in our deliveries, marks a clear difference with our competitors. Our facilities and machinery are constantly evolving and always ready to give the best results.

In addition to the manufacturing facilities, our logistics and packaging sections, allow to prepare, identify and package our products according to the specifications of our customers, so that with very dynamic processes, the products are prepared and ready for transport